Becoming an approved Mortgage Broker is easy:

Just complete an application and provide a few documents.

  • Be sure the Broker application, Broker Agreement and forms are signed by the Broker of Record / Company Owner as indicated
  • Normally the slowest part of the Broker approval is getting referrals.  We require 3 completed referrals.  If you can provide 4 or 5 referrals that may help us get the 3 referrals we need faster, which will speed up the process.
  • We pull a “soft” credit report (does not show as an inquiry) on all principals with 10% or more ownership interest in the company.  Be sure to provide both signed authorizations from each 10%+ owner.

Compensation plans for the company are set for each calendar quarter. You can change the company compensation plan by providing us with a new fully completed, signed compensation plan agreement at least 2 working days before the start of a new quarter.

Your MMC Wholesale Representative will be happy to answer questions regarding the application process or any other topic.  We work hard to make it easy for you.

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